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The site has a blog where you can read tips on improving the effectiveness of studying the subject. Association of tutors of Ukraine The price of the lesson is – hryvnias. On the site, you can find tutors for many subjects of the school curriculum and additional disciplines, including programming, drawing, Chinese language, etc. You can find a teacher in several ways. The first is independently. You can do this in the general section “Tutors” or in the section by discipline. Filters are also available for teacher search: class type, price, city, subject, gender, and teacher level.

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For ease of choice, the site has a rubric with reviews, and students can also rate the tutor, which can be seen in his questionnaire. The second is to leave an application on the website. In the questionnaire, indicate the purpose of the classes, the Croatia Phone Number List format of the lessons, and contact information. The manager will contact you to clarify the details and offer suitable teacher questionnaires. An interesting option of this service is the testing system for teachers. They can pass a test on the subject they are teaching. Upon successful completion, a badge appears in the specialist’s profile, which is another indicator of the teacher’s level of competence.

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Goal The price of the lesson is from to hryvnias. The service gathers tutors from all over Ukraine in more than different disciplines. Here you can find teachers for schoolchildren, applicants, students, as well as specialists in university disciplines and BRB Directory many non-academic areas – music, choreography, photoshop, etc. To find a tutor, you ne to enter the main parameters in the search field: subject, training level, price. The system will select specialist questionnaires. You can contact through the service. To do this, click on the button “Leave an application to a tutor” in the questionnaire and fill in the form with contact information.

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