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The video allows you to get a first impression of the teacher, and clarifications can be ask in private messages. Another important feature is the option to place ads from customers. Tutors review these statements and can leave a request for communication and clarification of cooperation details. Easy School Prices start from hryvnias per lesson. This is a project of the BUKI service for finding a tutor for basic school subjects. The format of the classes is interesting: several packages with different number of lessons are available to the student, and the more they are, the cheaper they cost.

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Thus, the client buys a kind of subscription. The first lesson is introductory and it is provid free of charge, and for attracting a friend to the site, you can Costa Rica Phone Number List get more free lessons as a bonus. The platform has additional materials: blog, Speaking Club. You can sign up for a free class directly on the website. For this, there is an online form where you can leave your contacts and the manager will contact you to clarify the details balov.info The price of the lesson is from to hryvnias. Quite a convenient platform for finding teachers and tutors from many disciplines.

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In the list, you can choose subjects from the school curriculum, choreography, professional and sports directions. There are several ways to find a specialist. The first is through the “Submit an application” section, in which case you will be contact BRB Directory by a consultant who will select teacher profiles that meet the requirements. The second is to view questionnaires in the “Find a tutor” menu. The third is a search by last name, if you are looking for a specific teacher for example, by recommendation. Among the training options: individual and group in small teams. It is possible to take one-time consultations to prepare for an interview, test or explain certain topics.

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