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The second possibility is the boomerang effect, which results from incompetent persuasion activities that bring results completely different from those intende. The last, but not least, issue is the approach to the meia image What is custom publishing? April 21, 2021 online marketing What is custom publishing Custom publishing is becoming more and more popular in Polish companies. Executives see a number of advantages in self-publishing activities. What principles is custom publishing base on? What should you know about it? The PR agency advises.

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Custom publishing agency – tasks and goals Where to start your activities? publishing does not end with newspapers Why is it worth getting involve in activities? Custom publishing is a term for publishing content on behalf of a given Latest Mailing Database company. Newsletters, magazines or leaflets can be addresse to an internal recipient,an employee of a given department, or an external recipient, a client relate to a given company in business terms. In both cases, the role of the publisher is playe by a given company whose main economic activity is not commercial publishing.

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The preparation of content is intende to support the tasks, plans or goals pursue by the company. For this reason, the title may focus on supporting marketing, internal.  Communication or informing about industry news or the latest legal BRB Directory regulations regarding a specific area of ​​​​activity. Custom publishing agency – tasks and goals An example of internal custom publishing is an insurance company that regularly publishes thematic magazines targete at employees. However, the task of the prepare content is not to encourage consultants to take advantage of another insurance offer, but to inform them about the company’s latest promotional campaign.

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