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So the total revenue was PLN ,, and the capital expenditure was PLN (PLN x + PLN ). Substituting this into the formula, you get ROI = ((-) ) x ROI = How to interpret the return on investment result? ROI interpretation is also not complicat. After substituting the necessary data into the formula, you will get a percentage result. This number will determine your return on investment. How to translate it into specific amounts? Just look at the example given above. The ROI indicator after substituting individual data was.

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This means that for every PLN you spend, you get PLN ., which guarantees you a refund of the costs incurr and at the same time gives you an income of PLN Calculating ROI with Conversion Tracking ROI marketing is an extremely valuable activity, but you must remember that it will not be profitable without first measuring the conversion. It is the whatsapp mobile number list actions  of users, such as visiting your website, registering on your website or purchasing, that determine the profitability of a given ad or keyword that brought them here. The Google Analytics tool, which collects and presents all data in a clear way, will help you in calculating the ROI using conversion tracking.

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How to calculate ROI using conversion tracking for products whose specific value is difficult to evaluate? First, you ne to estimate the value of each user action on your website. the ROI for an e-book that can be download after registering on your website. Its evelopment costs PLN ,. You have acquir volunteers, and the calculat contractual amount for each BRB Directory download is PLN . The advertising campaign in Google Ads cost PLN . Substituting into the formula we get ROI = (( – ) ) x = Converting this into PLN, it turns out that for every PLN you spend, you get PLN The higher the ROI score, the greater the success of the marketing campaign.

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