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The Internet is already full of toxic and meaningless texts that end up in search results. There is no guarantee that we will be able to completely eliminate errors, nor is there a reliable way to track their frequency. Microsoft and Google can add any disclaimer, urging people to fact-check what AI generates. But how will it work? The “one correct answer” problem There is another obstacle – search engines tend to offer one, seemingly final answer. The problem has exist for more than 10 years, since Google search start showing snippets — blocks of text above search results.

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They’ve been repeatly hit with various mistakes, both embarrassing and dangerous: from US presidents being call members of the Ku Klux Klan, to dangerous advice such as putting a person on the floor during an attack (which is completely against USA Phone Number List mical advice). Question: “Is it safe to boil a child?”. Bing’s answer is YES. This isn’t the new AI-power Bing, it’s the old Bing that makes the “only one right answer” mistake. The sources he cites talk about boiling baby bottles with milk. Researchers Chirag Shah and Emily M. Bender believe that the introduction of chatbots could worsen this problem.

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In addition, users do not always understand how artificial intelligence works and can trust it too much. However, the responses of such search engines are collect from several sources, often without proper attribution. And this experience is BRB Directory seriously different from lists of links, each of which encourages the user to scroll through it and ask questions on their own. Of course, these problems can be mitigat through design. For example, the Bing interface contains links to sources, and Google emphasizes that it will try to implement the NORA principle (no one right answer) by using artificial intelligence more often for answers.

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