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How can you believe that a famous person did not say something terrible? And how do you hold people accountable if they can pretend it’s fake? We have yet to find answers to these questions. Microsoft and Google promise us a new era in which artificial intelligence will search for information for us, sort and offer the single best answer. But like any new technology, this approach has its drawbacks. We talk about the possibilities and limitations of search engines that use artificial intelligence. Technological giants are going to implement artificial intelligence in search engines. The algorithm is suppos to search for information on the Internet, sort the results and generate direct responses to user queries — just like Chat GPT does.

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Microsoft calls its development “the new Bing” and implements the corresponding features in the ge browser. Google launch its Bard project. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella describes the changes as a technological shift. The effects of which UK Phone Number List can be compar to the emergence of smartphones or graphical user interfaces. Let’s take a look at the 7 biggest problems with AI search, from meaningless answers to culture wars to lost ad revenue. Nonsense text generators Large language models often generate meaningless or error-ridden text.

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They can be of a different nature, from fabricating biographical data and imitating scientific papers to incorrect answers to questions such as “which is heavier, 10 kg of iron or 10 kg of cotton?”. There are also more contextual errors — such as BRB Directory advising a user who claims to have mental health issues to commit suicide — or bias errors — where the algorithm translates the racism and misogyny contain in the human-label data for training. These errors can be of different scale and nature, and the simplest ones are easy to fix. However, some will note that artificial intelligence has much more correct answers.

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