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It is bas on a story design to raise awareness about children in care. We see a man trying to learn how to skateboard. No, he’s not having a midlife crisis. He gets on his skates to bond with the nam child his family is about to take in. Skateboarding is something they can talk about and do together to make it easier for the child to adjust to the new home. After a series of painful falls and scrapes, a man improves his skateboarding skills – just as a girl with a skate appears on his doorstep. The commercial shows how strong the desire to change someone’s life can be. Even if small acts of kindness require effort, the result is worth it.

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This John Lewis ad doesn’t just bring tears to the eyes of viewers, it demonstrates the brand’s commitment to making a real difference in supporting children in care. All Roads Lead to Christmas by Coca-Cola Coca-Cola didn’t invent the Bulgaria Phone Number List Christmas advertising genre, but it certainly perfect it. Her legendary “Holiday Coming” campaign is almost synonymous with the holiday season. This year, Coca-Cola made everyone wait with impatience, because it was the last among other famous brands to present a Christmas advertisement. But the wait was certainly not in vain! Coca-Cola release an anthology of three short films call.

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All Roads Lead to Christmas” on its creative platform Real Magic Presents, featuring magical stories from around the world. Episode . “Alma” The first film is set in a Mexican town where everyone seems to have lost their holiday spirit. Only a special BRB Directory event helps people believe in the magic of Christmas and feel the spirit of the holiday. Episode . “Christmas Bites” The second episode takes place in the USA, where a vampire meets his girlfriend’s parents. It is at this moment that he also encounters his sworn enemy – Santa Claus.

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