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The action of the third episode unfolds in Paris, where two lovers try to find contact with each other. Only creating holiday decorations helps them finally get closer. “List” from McDonald’s This year, the McDonald’s brand has releas a touching Christmas campaign that is sure to bring tears to your eyes. In the commercial, we see a little boy nam Alfie, who is a bit obsess with making a list of Christmas presents, and his mother, who is preoccupi with preparations for the holiday. When the boy runs outside, the list is blown away by the wind. To comfort a distraught Alfie, his parents take him to the local McDonald’s.

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This visit reminds them that the main thing at Christmas is not the bright and expensive gifts, but the time spent together with a loving family. “Good Gifts” from Marks & Spencer This year’s Marks & Spencer Christmas campaign, which Cambodia Phone Number List promotes the idea of ​​unity, evokes an emotional response from everyone who watches it. Her musical accompaniment was the song Treat People With Kindness perform by Harry Styles. The ad shows many moments of gift giving, during which magical events take place. Opening the presents, people find themselves in the center of a big party, where cheerful singers and different communities celebrate together.

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Moreover, the video features communities that receiv help thanks to donations from Marks & Spencer. “Share the joy” from Amazon This year, Amazon’s holiday ad tells us the story of a little girl’s attachment to a Christmas snow globe. Her loving father BRB Directory decides to give the child an unforgettable experience. With the help of the local community and a simple paper shrder from Amazon, he creates a snow globe in a greenhouse. Beautifully direct by Taika Waititi, the ad shows how we can share joy by doing special things for the people we love.

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