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Secondly, most prostheses are afraid of water – only the most advanc and most expensive ones have IP67 and IP68 protection. Thirdly, interaction with such prostheses is much more difficult, training can take months. Another problem is the limit supply of energy. The capacity of the battery is enough for 16 or more hours of continuous cycles of compression and expansion, after which the prosthesis must be charg. Usually, flexible batteries are us, which are easily plac in the inner space of the prosthesis. Leg prostheses are structurally a little simpler.

Cutting-edge technologies

Internal microprocessors control the inclination of the foot and, with the help of servo drives, give an additional impulse at the moment of push-off. This makes the movement of the foot as natural as possible, which makes it easy to climb Canada Phone Number List stairs or even run. What awaits us in the future So far, even the most modern prostheses are only a superstructure that has no connection with the human nervous system. The system only reads the movement of residual muscles, which significantly limits functionality and offers only the simplest movements. In addition, there remains the issue of autonomy and the ne for maintenance.

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CRISPR to treat high cholesterol

The next stage is neuroprosthetics, the creation of a “brain-prosthesis” system. Then the impulses will not be read from the muscles, but directly from the nerve endings, and it will be possible to realize even tactile sensations. Everything rests on BRB Directory the creation of a neurointerface — developments in this area are l by Elon Musk with his company Neuralink. As a reminder, Neuralink engineers us the N1 Link chip in a monkey. The primate was able to play ping-pong with the power of thought, as well as control the cursor and use a virtual keyboard. The plan for 2023 is to test the technology on people with severe spinal cord injuries.

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