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Bioelectric models are equipp with special sensors that read the residual muscle contraction signal, amplify it and command the prosthetic servos to move. However, it should be understood that such prostheses do not read mental activity, but only register currents in the muscles. Simply put, most models with a pair of sensor groups do not allow you to mentally control each individual finger or change the position of the hand. The key advantage is the different sets of grips. For example, the Bebeonic model has 14 options — for cutlery, for picking up objects, for pressing buttons, and so on. Compar to mechanical prostheses, it opens up much more scenarios of use.

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By tensing the remaining muscles, users control only two movements – squeezing and spreading the mechanical fingers. However, you will have to change modes manually — using a button on your hand or via a mobile app. In the latter, you can Denmark Phone Number List also program the position of the fingers for individual grip modes. You can switch between grips without any buttons or programs. Some models allow you to do this with just a couple of sensors, but it will require some skill from users. The most advanc bionic prostheses have a set of sensors for each individual finger.

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Programming them is much more difficult, since it is necessary to determine the residual muscles that are responsible for the movement of each individual finger. Alternative methods are being develop. For example, engineers from the Georgia BRB Directory Institute of Technology have learn to conduct ultrasound readings of muscle tension. Thanks to this, musician Jason Barnes, who lost an arm, was able to play a tune on the piano. The use of electronics, in addition to all the advantages, has a number of disadvantages. First, the price. The cost of bioelectric models reaches 150 thousand dollars.

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