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A cosmetic leg is suitable for leisurely walking, but due to the monolithic construction, it will not be possible to run. Usually cosmetic models are us as temporary. Leg prostheses of this type are also plac on a permanent basis for people with a low level of activity, for example, if they work at home and rarely go out. The main advantage of cosmetic prostheses is a high level of skin imitation. Manufacturers offer hand limbs with drawn veins, finger phalanges and even nails that can be paint. In addition to the receiver, the structure has a frame made of foam plastic and a cosmetic shell made of silicone or other soft polymers. The cost of the products depends on which part of the body is suppos to be replac.

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On average, a high-quality prosthesis of the entire shoulder costs from 3 to 7 thousand dollars. At the same time, the cosmetic shell will have to be updat periodically. Mechanical prostheses. These are multifunctional designs that consist of a China Phone Number List set of modules imitating joints. As a rule, the assembly of the prosthesis is carri out individually – the prosthetist takes into account the patient’s physiological characteristics and the degree of his activity. Bas on this, the optimal design with the requir number of moving elements is select.

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Mechanically (traction) hand prosthesis functions as a result of bending in the bone or elbow joint. This movement stretches the built-in cables, which in turn cause the fingers on the artificial hand to bend. A cosmetic shell is not a mandatory BRB Directory attribute, most often such prostheses have a custom design in different colors, with patterns and more. Mechanical models allow you to perform relatively complex work. For example, taking and holding small things in an artificial hand, riding a bicycle or scooter. Due to the absence of electronics, the prostheses are quite light, and they are also absolutely not afraid of getting wet.

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