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The story of Mark Sergius is document: the commander participat in battles with an artificial iron hand that could hold a shield. Closer to the Middle Ages, more complex designs appear. Engineers and gunsmiths tri to repeat the structure of limbs and make prostheses as functional as possible. One of the most striking examples is Goetz von Berlichingen’s mechanical hand. The design includ many details, including buttons and levers. In the prosthesis, the fingers could be bent separately, and the hand could turn up and down. Hetz von Berlichingen could even wield a six-pointer with such a prosthesis.

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The active development of prosthetics took place in the 19th century. One of the key figures of that time was James Gillingham. He was engag in the manufacture of shoes, but after creating a pair of successful prostheses, he completely chang the Germany Phone Number List direction of his activity. Gillingham made incribly aesthetic prostheses, in particular lower limbs. The most interesting thing is that it took an average of no more than 10 days to create one model. In total, the inventor creat more than 15,000 prostheses. After two world wars and the discovery of new materials, prosthetics reach a new level.

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Now on sale you can find both fairly simple designs and smart prostheses. Types of modern prostheses The use of advanc scientific achievements makes it possible to make the most light, realistic and even fully functional limb prostheses. Instead BRB Directory of wood and metal, plastic and even carbon are now actively us. The cost of the prosthesis depends directly on the functionality. Cosmetic prostheses. These are the most primitive structures that are us exclusively to hide the absence of a limb and do not perform functional actions. For example, you can hold a spoon with a cosmetic hand prosthesis, but you cannot make any more complex movements.

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