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The device attaches to the rim of the toilet and can detect pH and hydration levels by determining specific gravity, tell you about your ketone and vitamin C levels, and let you know if you’re eating right. Believe it or not, but thanks to the Stream ID function, the analyzer will even be able to distinguish one user from another. The analyzer will appear in Europe for 499.95 euros, and the cartridge replacement service for Withings U-Scan will cost another 29.95 euros per month. However, you can change them yourself.

This new product called Samsung Bespoke

Lenovo Smart Paper electronic notebook Another novelty of the exhibition turn out to be no less interesting — the Lenovo Smart Paper electronic notebook. The gadget looks like an ordinary e-book or tablet, but it is not intend for Japan Phone Number List reading at all. With the help of the development of the Chinese company, you can create handwritten notes, as in a regular notebook, and then save them in the device itself or synchronize it with other devices running Android, iOS or Windows. The “notebook” itself is equipp with a 10.3-inch display using electronic ink technology, and it comes with a stylus that recognizes 4096 degrees of pressure.

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Smart oven from Samsung

At the same time, a huge number of “paper” options are available to users, starting from a regular notebook and ending with canvas, and the model’s memory is enough to store 50,000 sheets of handwritten notes. The price of such a BRB Directory notebook is $399. Laptop with two screens Lenovo Yoga Book 9i Another Lenovo novelty at CES 2023 was the very interesting Yoga Book 9i laptop. And it is interesting because of its unusual appearance with two OL screens, each of which has a diagonal of 13.3 inches and a resolution of 2880×1800 pixels. At the same time, the second screen is install in place of the classic keyboard.

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