Major brands entering the Metaverse

Tech became not only one of the most interesting novelties of the exhibition, but also turn out to be one of the cutest robots on the market. It is not surprising! The device can detect emotions, sneezes, scratches, dances and generally behaves like a real pet. In addition, Loona is excellent at recognizing faces, voices and emotions of the environment, recognizes its owner and can repeat words after him. In general, if you suffer from fur allergies or simply do not want to get a live pet, then Loona can be a great solution for you. The robot has already appear on the crowdfunding platform.

Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas

Kickstarter at a price of $449 with the start of deliveries next month. German Bionic Apogee exoskeleton The new Apogee exoskeleton from the German Bionic company is bas on the Cray X model introduc a few years ago. It attaches to the legs and Malaysia Phone Number List uses electric motors to compensate for almost 30 kilograms of load on the lower back in one movement. Fatigue also decreases with simple walking. The exact characteristics of the exoskeleton have not yet been announc. It is only known that it is much lighter and “smarter” than its precessor.

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South Korean tech giant Samsung

But the device is unlikely to appear on the consumer market — the Cray X was only available to corporate customers on a $499-a-month subscription, and its successor will likely follow the same sales model. Smart urine analyzer Withings BRB Directory U-Scan Let’s be honest, many of us remember doctors only when we get sick. All kinds of fitness bracelets and smart watches help to stay abreast of one’s health, but the information provid by them can hardly be call complete. But the Withings company was still able to come up with a way out of the seemingly stalemate by developing the Withings U-Scan smart urine analyzer.

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