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As millennials go digital, baby boomers are now happily gravitating primarily to email—a form of communication that provides them with the brand interactions they love in a way that’s comfortable and familiar. In fact, email remains the most common online purchasing channel for this generation. According to Marigold’s 2023 U.S. Consumer Trends Index, 62% of baby boomers made a purchase via email in the last year. No other buying channel has broken the 50% mark for Baby Boomers – making email marketing the most effective way to reach the majority of this generation. The importance of a comprehensive strategy However, the possibility of using other channels has not been completely ruled out. While baby boomers may not be the most digitally-savvy generation, their use of mobile devices is still considerable.

Personalized Experiences Drive Engagement

They’re also using devices in-store to help them shop for items that fit their needs and budget. In fact, nearly half of respondents have used their phones to research a purchase, while 50% have browsed products in-store but ended up buying online. While fewer Cambodia Phone Number Data people respond to SMS/MMS messages as well as social media posts and ads, the possibility of finding engagement on these channels is not entirely lacking. Noting that 25% of boomers made a purchase in the last year via a social media post, and 11% of boomers communicated via SMS/MMS in the same year Time to buy.

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While these channels may not have fully captured

The attention of older generations—as omnichannel marketing experiences become more commonplace—there is reason to believe their channel interest and response may expand over time.  No matter the channel, baby boomers, like other generations, crave personalized experiences. They want relevant content and offers that best meet their needs, and they’re willing BRB Directory to share data about themselves to get this personalization. This personalization is at the heart of relationship marketing and can focus on creating long-term customer satisfaction. Therefore, in order for brands to truly capitalize on their relationship with baby boomers, they must do several key things to maintain the loyalty, interest and trust of this generation: Brands must respect customers’ data privacy, create valuable value exchanges, And prioritizing zero-party data strategies.

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