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Although new graphics processors in stores for the first time in several years are sold. At prices close to the recommend prices, message boards. Are now literally flood with cheap video cards after mining. Of course, buying a modern card from NVIDIA or AMD at half price is an attractive prospect. However, there are many reasons not to make such a deal. As the chips us in farms are usually so worn that the risks usually outweigh the savings. Let’s figure out whether it is worth taking a video card after mining and what it can turn into.

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Worn fans On a typical PC, graphics card fans run only a few hours a day, and on modern models. That don’t allow the coolers to spin until a certain temperature is reach (usually around even less. In this mode of operation, they very rarely fail. Even Chinese Malaysia Phone Number List hardcore gamers take years to exhaust the GPU fan resource. Us for normal desktop applications, web browsing, games and work. What happens to the video card after mining. Since the farms are running / at maximum load, their fans are constantly spinning at higher spes.

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Even high-end coolers wear out quickly in this mode, because ordinary gaming models are simply not design for endless load. In addition, there are no guarantees that the owner kept an eye on the farm: lubricat or at least clean the fans from BRB Directory dust. One of the annoying features of broken GPU coolers is that they are not that easy and quick to replace. If you buy a damag card and the fans fail, there are only three options: send it to the manufacturer or to a service center, find the appropriate spare parts for self-repair (it is quite possible to use guides from YouTube if you have straight hands), or enjoy a new paperweight.

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