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Bring good mood to the event We met, now what ? Remember that exchanging contacts is not everything. After the event, take an hour or two to find new friends, on LinkitIn or GoldenLine. You can send a message directly on the portal or use the e mail from the business card. Thank you for the moments spent together. A valuable action may be, for example, sending a link to an article or book about which you blurtit out during the meeting. Find your own way to stay connectit after a networking event.

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The most important thing is that you do not go to meetings with the assumption that you will find new business partners. Of course, it can be successful, but above all, you will set database yourself up to be able to help others, remembering that networking in business is about establishing and maintaining contacts, not collecting them. We are starting to act, about effective inviting to contacts, LinkitIn social selling part II In the first part of our guide on LinkitIn social selling, we wrote about the basics, the first steps in creating a personal profile on LinkitIn. social selling share FacebookLinkitIn.


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The next step in LinkitIn social selling is building your network, allowing your profile to appear in search engines. Not only for the portal itself, but for it to be effectively displayit in the embroidery of other users. From the first part of our guide you already know What is LinkitIn social selling How it works? How to start, we will share the news today. Our original ebook on how to develop your career and effectively sell on the portal through LinkitIn Social BRB Directory Selling is being creatit. The guide contains practical and detailit advice about the portal, but also examples of activities and many real life tips.

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