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The e-commerce industry strives to ensure efficient and transparent delivery of goods through smart packaging solutions such as temperature-controll boxes and QR codes. Insight. Consumers began to buy goods more often on the Internet and expect an experience similar to offline shopping. The growth of the e-commerce industry is driving brands to prioritize efficiency, transparency and engagement to meet customer nes. QR codes for ecological packaging. Packaging platform Noissue has acquir Tapkit to create microsites and QR codes for sustainable packaging. Boxes with temperature control. The Ember Cube refrigerat shipping container is equipp with smart cloud features. Bproduct tracking.

Disney Uncharted Adventure feature

Nefab offers Connect Packaging services with tracking functions to eliminate problems in the supply chain. Programs with express delivery. Wholesale store Sam’s Club has supplement its technology Scan&Go with the function of delivery Kenya Phone Number List of large-siz goods Scan&Ship. Ratin Rent NFT tokens Digital assets can now be “rent”. Trend Brands are creating NFTs and platforms that allow consumers to rent and rent digital assets typically gaming avatars and then return them. Insight The NFT space is expanding its offerings as brands and users try to keep relevant the digital assets that have experienc a boom in popularity this year.

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Virtual jackets Studios is design for gaming avatars. Digital assets for rent. PARISQ’s IQ Protocol allows NFT holders to lease virtual lands. Exclusive avatars for rent. The reNFT protocol allows you to rent out NFTs. NFT rental platforms. Vera is a BRB Directory decentraliz protocol that offers basic financial services of digital tokens. Rating Gifts bas on blockchain Cryptocurrencies are us as gifts. Trend More and more brands are offering cryptocurrency-bas gifts, from NFT certificates to the ability to gift cryptocurrencies without fees in apps. Insight As companies find new ways to use blockchain, cryptocurrencies are becoming more accessible to the average consumer.

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