How to Write the Perfect Blog Post Headline

10 years. Yes, a decade ago I wrote the first article on this blog. The task that I have been carrying out for the most years. and that has possibly generated the most satisfaction for me: professional. changes  entrepreneurship new personal.Opportunities, How to Write etc. All personal and professional achievement. And today I want to celebrate it in the best way, with a new article! Specifically, with a topic that I have been keeping in draft for a long time but that I consider key for those who, like me, enjoy writing: choosing the perfect headline for an article.

 Should the perfect headline How to Write 

Go for it. perfect headline INDEX [ HIDE ] What is a headline? The headline is the hook that will make your potential readers decide to click or not when they see it on social networks or Google. A good headline should suggest, not reveal; He has to generate desire for more. A bad headline can cause an excellent article to go executive email list unnoticed. In the same way that one that generates expectations can turn against you if the content does not respond to the expectations created. The latter, unfortunately, is quite common.

Think about SEO when writing a headline

We could compare it to the “Subject” in a marketing email. Below I am going to explain a series of tips so that our headline arouses interest and does not get lost in the ocean of social networks. What should a good headline be like? A headline must be unequivocal, concrete, understandable for all audiences and far from sensationalism BRB Directory  or creating false expectations. Like the first paragraph of an article, the headline should spark the curiosity of readers, who with this information will get an idea of ​​what they will find in the article. It is advisable that it does not exceed 6 words and contain the most important or most relevant part of the article, although it may later address other interrelated topics.

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