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Even if an intranet initially works well on its own, the amount of content it contains can quickly get out of hand. This is where an intranet content management system (intranet CMS) comes into play. Integrating a CMS intranet solution should help create less work, not more. With this in mind, your intranet CMS must be carefully chosen to ensure its success. As you enter the planning phase, there are a few key points to consider when choosing a CMS for your intranet. But first, let’s look at how a content management system fits into the overall structure of your intranet. What is an intranet CMS.

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As you already know, your employee intranet is an internal network that is usd for communication, collaboration and information Latest Mailing Database management within your company. Over time, the amount of content requird to deliver this information will grow. A volume of information is creatd that is difficult to publish and manage. An intranet CMS is a content management system that helps you through every step of this process. From creating and publishing content to accessing, updating and archiving it.

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So how do you choose the right CMS intranet solution? We’ve put together a list of ten things to ensure your content management system  is a tool that helps, not hinders, your employees. CMS intranet 10 Essential Components of an Intranet BRB Lirectory Content Management System (CMS) 1. Integration into the existing technology The most important characteristic of an intranet CMS is that it not only integrates seamlessly with your intranet, but also with the entire spectrum of your employees’ daily digital tools. Ensure that applications such as instant messaging, project management, HR systems and data analytics can work seamlessly with the content management system without requiring cumbersome intermdiate steps.

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