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Second, we believe that of all forms of robots, humanoids are the most technically complex. While working on humanoids, we can also use this technology to solve problems with other forms of robots, such as quadrupal machines, robotic arms, and even robots on wheels. The third reason is that Xiaomi is going to become the most technical company in China, and humanoids are very attractive. Why was drums chosen for the research demonstration? After the official release of Xiaomi Cyber One on August , we receiv a lot of feback from an audience that had no experience in robotics. People were more interest in seeing how humanoids would be able to overcome things that humans find difficult to do.

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Frankly, it is quite difficult to find such scenarios, since the first prototype of CyberOne is far behind humans. But one day one of our engineers, who had just start playing drums, suggest that this might be an exception. She thought that compar to Ecuador Phone Number List beginner drummers, robots have more advantages in terms of arm and leg coordination and rhythmic control. We all thought it was a good idea and the drumming itself was cool and interesting. That’s why we chose it for demonstration. What part of the research was the most difficult? The most challenging part was that when receiving long drumbeat sequences.

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Cyber One ne to determine the order of motion for each arm and leg and create long, collision-free full-body motion trajectories, given the limitations of the hardware. So we get the base beats and create a standalone library of drumbeat motion BRB Directory paths through optimization. CyberOne can then generate sequential trajectories matching any drum score. This approach gives more freom to CyberOne and is limit only by the capabilities of robotics. What capabilities will the robot have in the future? Playing the drums requires CyberOne to coordinate the movements of the entire body to achieve a fast, precise and wide range of motion.

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