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The game will fascinate with an incrible artistic design and should be releas in the second quarter of . Space Me Out Space Me Out is a roguelite side-scroller in which you play as a warrior cat. We break through enemies, find new weapons, including grenades, a turret that automatically shoots at enemies, or a unique sword with an interesting bonus, such as a larger radius of damage. The concept is somewhat similar to Nier Automata, after the death of the hero, a clone is awaken, which continues the mission of the precessor.

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Accumulat currency is stor, so you can upgrade standard weapons and those found in levels at the base, but a new run always starts with a basic set of swords and pistols. The main problem of the game is the opponents who become helpless as soon as you Hungary Phone Number List start beating them. There are not many types of enemies yet, but with each subsequent level, they grow armor. At the end, there is a boss who has a decent pool of techniques, but this battle is spoil by the complete absence of feback from the player. So far Space Me Out looks better than it plays, but the game is in the pre-alpha stage, so the developer still has time to diversify the gameplay directly.

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S o far this is the weakest part of the game, but the base of the game is good. Njorun’s Will Njorun’s Will is an exclusively cooperative game that requires concentration, endurance and nerves of steel from the players. You can play both over the BRB Directory network and on one computer, for which you will ne two gamepads. The heroes of this Scandinavian story have telekinesis, which is directly us in overcoming enemies and solving puzzles, you can even pick up your partner and throw him over a chasm or get out of the water, so that the poor guy doesn’t drown.

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