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The development of the metauniverse was announc back in . At the same time, it became known that $ million was allocat for the development of the virtual version of Seoul. At this time, the metaworld is still being refin: the second and third stages of construction will be complet in three to four years. What is already working? Metaverse Seoul already allows users to create avatars and wander around a virtual part of the city. It is report that residents of South Korea can use the metaverse for consultations in the city administration. In this way, the authorities are trying to find a middle ground between a written appeal and a full-flg visit to a state institution.

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Screenshot of virtual Seoul In addition, the official press release mentions the use of the metaverse by tourists, but the program is available only in the Korean Google Play and App Store. According to Forkast , major South Korean companies British Student Phone Number List Samsung Electronics, SK Telecom and Naver have already organiz their virtual offices in Metaverse Seoul. What’s next? In the future, Seoul authorities plan to expand the capabilities of the metaverse. There are plans to connect foreign investors to the project and transfer some services exclusively to the virtual space.

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In parallel with this, ucational projects are also connect to the metauniverse. On February , a private art college in Seoul announc the transfer of some classes to Metaverse Seoul. The major telecommunications company KT and AR-studio Dot-mill act BRB Directory as partners. South Korea is not the only country trying to develop its own metauniverse. In October , Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida spoke about the country’s plans to invest in NFTs and metauniverses. Why did the Koreans succe? Despite the fact that the metauniverse is prict to succe year after year, the real state of affairs in the industry still suggests the opposite.

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