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It’s important that we involve different voices, philosophers, sociologists, artists and representatives of the humanities.” It focuses on the interaction of people and artificial intelligence Despite his confidence in OpenAI’s capabilities, Murati doesn’t seem to share OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s interest in exploring the idea of ​​intelligent AGI. Murati believes that consciousness is a philosophical idea, not a scientific one. She would like to rethink the Turing test to determine whether a computer can think like a human, to include a “broad range of cognitive tasks.” But above all, she wants OpenAI systems to learn from real, live people.

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She hopes the next generation of GPT won’t attract as much attention According to analytics company Similarweb, just two months after its launch, Chat GPT reach 100 million monthly active users. This made it the fastest growing consumer Loan Phone Number List app in history. In comparison, it took Tik Tok nine months to reach these figures, and Instagram two and a half years. As GPT-4, Open AI’s next big language model, prepares to launch, Murati knows the technology will attract even more attention, but when ask about it, she says, “I think it’s better if there’s less hype.” However, this is unlikely. With GPT-4, Murati sees a chance to “empower people,” specifically to show ucators.

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That generative artificial intelligence is much more than a way to cheat. Instead, it can be us to create lesson plans and help students learn in new ways. “With ChatGPT, you can have this endless interaction and teach you about complex topics BRB Directory according to your context,” Murati says. “It’s something like a personal tutor.” Has eclectic tastes in pop culture One of Murati’s favorite films is about an artificial intelligence that kills everyone in a row. “‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ continues to excite my imagination with its visuals and music, especially in that thrilling sequence where the shuttle docks to the accompaniment of Johann Strauss’ Blue Danube Waltz,” she says.

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