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Can Bondee survive such a rough start? That remains to be seen. According to So, frequent mia mentions put the company in an advantageous position, but it will have work to do to appease younger users. Space dust destroys the lungs, and radiation changes the DNA of astronauts. We tell how extraterrestrial travel affects human health. Recently, trips to the Earth’s orbit have become available not only to astronauts, but also to the rest of the people – a ticket can be purchas for $55 million, win the lottery or receive an invitation as a celebrity. Meanwhile, this space adventure comes at a price.

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The consequences of space loads can be catastrophic for your body in the future. Space dust that destroys the lungs Over the past 60 or so years of human space travel, there has been an enormous amount of research into how space Belarus Phone Number List affects the body. But one of the biggest questions still remains the problem of sky dust — solid particles in space — and dust on other planets and moons. All of them can get into the lungs of space travelers. Assessing the potential risks, NASA says : Given the unique properties of dust on the Moon and other celestial bodies, there is a possibility.

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That it could lead to serious health effects (eg, respiratory, cardiopulmonary, eye or skin damage) or affect crew performance during celestial body missions. In an article for Cells, researchers cite extraterrestrial dust as potentially the BRB Directory biggest challenge to long-duration spaceflight. Scientists insist that it is necessary to determine the long-term effects of exposure to extraterrestrial dust on the human body and to develop possible countermeasures, including specializ face masks. Increas risk of cancer Recent studies have shown that space radiation can cause DNA mutations, which in turn increases the risk of cancer in astronauts.

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