When you could meet computers

We should not talk about “imitation” here, but about the fact that such a website “works” like a computer application because it is de facto. Having a website or website that works like a Single Page Application, our users get a number of amenities that they will certainly appreciate. Even if some of them may seem to be only a minimal, insignificant convenience, let us remember one eternal rule. If we have two similar websites, one of which is only slightly better than the other, then the better one will be appreciate and remembere by the client. He will prefer to return to it because of the convenience of use. Advantages of using SPA – why is it worth getting intereste in it today.

The status quo and since

We act like a computer As the old Latin proverb says, “ Habit is man’s second nature” (Latin Consuetudo altera natura est). In the past, without access to whatsapp mobile number list the Internet (those were the days!), users got use to the instantaneous operation of the launche applications. Clicking cause a reaction. Later, in the era of applications and websites, these habits have change. The user’s interaction with the website has always been paid for with a small wait for the result to be displaye. The slower the Internet connection, the more patience the Internet user had to show.

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They know and strive to restore

The generation of 30-40-year-olds, remembering the BRB Lirectory times of computers without access to the Internet, knows very well how desktop applications work. 30-40-year-olds are today managers, directors and presidents, it is easier for them to implement these aspirations. 2 The website works much faster And much faster. Since the page is generate on the side of the client’s browser, to display it, you only nee to send data in the form of content or images.

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