What Do WhatsApp Numbers Start With?

WhatsApp has become one of the most widely used messaging platforms globally, connecting individuals across different countries. When adding a new contact on WhatsApp, you may wonder what the numbers associated with WhatsApp start with. Let’s explore the structure of WhatsApp numbers and their prefixes.

Country Codes and Phone Number Structure

WhatsApp numbers follow a UAE WhatsApp number data standard phone number structure, including a country code that signifies the country of origin. The country code is a numerical prefix that identifies the specific country associated with the phone number. WhatsApp numbers typically start with the country code, followed by the local phone number.

International Format

WhatsApp Number List

WhatsApp encourages users to save phone numbers in the international format, which includes the country code. This format ensures accurate identification and communication across different countries. The country code acts as a crucial identifier, allowing WhatsApp to determine the correct destination for messages and calls.

Examples of Country Codes

WhatsApp numbers can start with various country BRB Directory codes, depending on the location of the user. Here are some examples of country codes for different countries:

  • +1: United States and Canada
  • +44: United Kingdom
  • +91: India
  • +49: Germany
  • +55: Brazil
Adding New Contacts

When adding a new contact on WhatsApp, it’s essential to include the correct country code along with the phone number. This ensures that WhatsApp can recognize and connect with the intended contact. If you’re unsure about the country code, you can search online or consult a reliable source to find the appropriate code for a specific country.

Understanding WhatsApp Number Prefixes

The prefix of a WhatsApp number corresponds to the country code and serves as an identifier for the specific country. By familiarizing yourself with the common prefixes associated with different countries, you can easily recognize the origin of a WhatsApp number and communicate effectively with contacts from around the world.


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