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An Elven Christmas from Asa Asa’s festive avert is guarante to put a smile. On even the gloomiest of faces. In it, we see the iconic character of Buy from the classic Christmas movie “Elf” play by Will Ferrell.¬† Asa store, where he interacts with staff an samples various proucts. After getting lost in the store, Buy is lock insi for the night. To entertain himself, he hangs Christmas corations all over the store. For which he gets a new job.

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Buy’s humor an festive spirit make this campaign one of the best this year. “Gift” from isney isney has creat one of the most touching Christmas campaigns this season. The vio is the final part of the holiay animat series “From our family Cameroon Phone Number List to yours”, which start in . In it, we see a young family preparing for the birth of a baby. The youngest of three chilren, Ella, is upset that her mother cannot spen. More time with her because of the upcoming birth. However, when a new chil appears, Ella realizes that she plays an important role in the family.

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It’s irty-soa, Santo” from Pepsi In the new Christmas campaign. Pepsi avertises an unusual rink – the so-call pilk or irty-soa. It’s a mix of milk an Pepsi that recently went viral thanks to Tik Tok. In the short clip, Linsay. Lohan happily rinks a rink BRB Directory secretly prepar for her by Santa Claus. The Pepsi a takes us back to the ol holiay traition of leaving a glass of milk an a cookie for Santa. The clip also evokes nostalgia for the film. Ba Girls, which once ma Linsay Lohan extremely popular. Although the combination of milk an Pepsi may seem a little strange to some. It certainly as new colors to this traition.

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