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Icahn School of Micine at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, discover 34 different mutations during the sequencing of the genomes of NASA astronauts. As not in the press release, “the most frequent mutations occurr in TP53, a gene that produces a tumor suppressor protein, and DNMT3A, one of the most frequently mutat genes in acute myeloid leukemia.” Cells says these effects ne further investigation. This is especially important for people with certain genotypes and phenotypes who may be more sensitive to radiation exposure. Activation of latent viruses Research over the past decade has reveal that microgravity environments can not only have.

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A detrimental effect on the immune system, but also activate latent viruses. In particular, scientists mention the tendency of spaceflight to activate the Epstein-Barr virus, the herpes virus that causes mononucleosis. Back in 2012, mical Belize Phone Number List researchers from the University of Texas determin that the virus “reactivates during space flight, while the release of EBV in saliva increases tenfold compar to before and after the flight.” Scientists also write that bacteria found in the space environment are more resistant to antibiotics and more harmful in general compar to bacteria found on Earth.

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This is in addition to the threat of new bacterial species that we have not yet identifi,” the researchers said. Pregnancy in space is officially prohibit So far, there are no practically confirm data on the possibility of conception and successful BRB Directory pregnancy in space. Official NASA policy prohibits sex and conception in orbit. The specific reason, again, is that the agency cannot guarantee the health and integrity of an unborn fetus in the space environment. “Anatomically and biologically, there are no known obstacles to human conception in space,” says Baylor space micine expert Jennifer Fogarty. But there are “serious concerns” that microgravity and radiation could damage or even kill the fetus.

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