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The approach is always a little different. Tel Aviv-bas Deepdub promises synthetic voices that capture the full range of human emotion, suitable for TV shows and movies. London’s Papercup is betting on non-fiction content like that shown by the BBC, Sky News and Discovery. Seoul-bas Klling combines AI-bas dubbing with deepfake technology, synchronizing actors’ lip movements with computer-generat voices. Despite the differences, all these companies defend their product as a cheaper and faster alternative to dubbing actors. Oz Krakowski, director of revenue at Deepdub, says that when it comes to dubbing Hollywood hits in other languages, artificial voices come in handy.

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The AI ​​will allow the character to speak in the voice of a star such as Morgan Freeman while retaining the original voice, while using flawless Spanish with any local accent or dialect. However, actors and their fans in Latin America are not impress. Mexican South Korea Phone Number List dubbing actress Gabriela Guzmán says, “Artificial intelligence may be able to imitate a voice, but it will never be able to act like a real actor. It just has no soul, period.” However, the criticism concerns not only abstract concepts, but also quite practical ones that go beyond the work on the screen. “How do you bring artificial intelligence to Comic-Con to talk to the audience? It’s simply impossible.

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Dubbing actors have fans,” Guzman reflects. Although artificial intelligence programs for dubbing seem faceless, they ultimately depend on the work of humans, because the software learns from real performances: actors are ne for training. Together BRB Directory with the technical team, they teach the artificial intelligence the skills to create an artificial voice from thousands of record fragments, often random and nonsensical. “They force the actors to record many words and individual sounds in different styles and tonalities for several hours,” says the dubbing actor. He ask to remain anonymous for fear of being blacklist by dubbing studios.

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