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In the second, leave your contact details and requirements regarding which teacher you ne, the manager will process it and contact you to clarify the details. His help is free. On this resource, you can find a teacher for both school subjects and other areas: professional, creative: there are more than disciplines in the list. The service guarantees that it verifies teachers’ documents After the classes, the representative of the site contacts the students and offers to leave a review. BEST tutor Prices from to hryvnias. This site is one of the oldest in Ukraine with a fairly simple design. There is no panel for searching for a specialist.

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To choose a teacher, you ne to choose the necessary subject, and then set certain criteria in the menu: city, format of lessons online or offline, cost, experience and gender of the teacher. There are tutors for school subjects, different languages ​​Israel Phone Number List of the world. The site has additional materials on preparation for past years’ external examinations. The “Remember” option is also implement, for this you ne to press the star next to the tutor’s questionnaire. Thanks to this function, you can return to the select profile at any time. Communication with the teacher is carri out through the service. After completing the application, the manager calls to clarify the details.

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Intermiary services are free. Conclusions As you can see, there are many sites in Ukraine where you can find a teacher. These are general bulletin boards, such as OLX, and services such as BUKI or Easy School. It is more convenient to use specializ BRB Directory resources whose activities are aim at supporting the interaction between tutors and students. They are not only more reliable, because they provide verification of teachers’ questionnaires, publish honest reviews and have an evaluation system, but also more functional.

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