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The appearance of some of them was influenc by numerous studies of infrar radiation, and the lion’s share was contribut by space developments and technologies. Heat bodies emit infrar waves, invisible to the human eye, but thanks to optics they can be seen. Using an infrar telescope, you can detect some space objects, measure their temperature and much more. These principles were us to develop portable IR thermometers, the first of which appear in . Pyrometers are us in thermal power engineering and construction, but most people are familiar with them from the mical field.

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Teflon When they say that space technology gave life to Teflon, it is wrong. On the contrary, Teflon began to be actively us in space development, which increas its popularity in everyday life. But it was us in everyday life and for space. Polytetrafluoroethylene, a polymer Chinese Student Phone Number List discover in by chemist Roy Plunkett, was call Teflon for commercial purposes. The material was characteriz by heat resistance and good insulating properties. The illustration shows the materials us in the spacesuits. Below, under the r dots – Teflon In the s, it began to be appli to pans with a non-stick coating. A little later, it also enter the space sphere — it was appli for protection to cables, spacecraft bodies, and individual elements of spacesuits.

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Currently, Teflon is one of the most popular materials us not only in the manufacture of dishes, but also in the food, chemical and, of course, aerospace industries. Solar panels Although the first prototypes of solar batteries appear long before BRB Directory cosmonautics, it was in space that it was possible to reveal their inherent potential for the first time. In , the Unit States launch the Vanguard- artificial satellite. Solar batteries were locat on its body, the energy of which allow radio transmitters to work.

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