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Computers have firmly enter our lives as vices that we use every day: both for work and for rest and entertainment. But, as with any electronic vice, a computer can have problems in operation, which are often relat to its hardware or software. Specializ diagnostic software can help find the reason why this happens. Freezing, glitches, slow operation and “blue screens of ath” in a computer are often associat with hardware problems, that is, some parts insi it. There are an incrible number of diagnostic utilities for PCs: there are universal ones capable. Of providing information or testing several components at once, and there are specializ.

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Ones sign to work with certain “hardware”. In our article, we will look at the best programs for diagnosing and testing PCs in each of the categories. Universal The most versatile program for hardware diagnostics and testing is certainly AIDA . Over Chinese UK Phone Number List two and a half dozen years of existence unr different names, the program has “grown” from a small utility into a powerful harvester capable of both providing tail information about your PC’s hardware and testing it for performance and stability. The program interface is simple and does not cause inconvenience even to an untrain user.

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The bulk of the sections provi information about the hardware and software of your PC. The “Tests” section allows you to test the performance of the processor and RAM in various ways, as well as compare the obtain values ​​with other PCs from BRB Directory the built-in database. For any section of the program, it is possible to generate a text or HTML report by selecting the item of the same name. In addition, part of the tests is hidn in the “Service” menu. From it, you can get into the windows of testing the spe of reading and writing drives, tests of different levels of cache memory of the processor and the performance of the computing power.

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