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He goes on about finding a huge frustration of the students, and showing them time and time again how to resolve it. ” paid $ to $ to watch the magic.” Based on everything else, he says, he could charge up to $ or $ for the product. Take a moment and think about the monetary figures you have running through your head now.  value of the product, Perry.

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Reveals the true asking price. $ . It’s much lower than what you expected, right? Seems like a bargain. Obviously you should steer clear of sounding Jamaica B2B List like a comical TV-shop hardsell on your sales page, but the principle is sound. You can frame your product so the perceived value is much higher than the amount of.

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Dollars you ask for it Takeaway

Whatever your asking price is, show your audience they’re getting a product worth x the monetary value. .Sure, John is known to deliver amazing products, but it’s still comforting to know that you can back down after AWB Directory purchase if the course just isn’t your thing. Offering a -day money back guarantee.

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