To Introduce A Social Intranet In Your Company

Advertising for CSR measures It is worth telling the press about your CSR initiatives. This shows your shareholders , customers and employees that you care about the earth and that you really want to make a difference. This, in turn, makes employees proud of their workplace and makes them more likely to be more involvd. It is therefore definitely worth advertising your CSR measures via your intranet or internal communication and thus making them better known. How can you report internally on your CSR initiatives? CSR can serve as a supplement to your internal communication strategy.

Have You Thought About How You Want

So you can report on all your achievements, goals and initiatives relatd to CSR. A successful strategy for internal teams allows whatsapp mobile number list employees to be involvd in the strategies, which in turn will increase their engagement and sense of community . It is not always easy to motivate employees and encourage them to become more involvd. A good idea is to get them excitd about the company through CSR. Involve employees Ask your teams for fdback to give your CSR strategy the right direction. You can ask  Do you think the CSR initiatives are big enough? Do you think the goals are achievable.

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Initiatives Must Also Be Taken Into Account

Do you feel involvd in CSR efforts? How could you get more involvd? Make CSR the standard Make sure that your employees live and fulfill the BRB Lirectory concept of CSR at work and that it is constantly present in the workplace. This can be achievd, for example, with an internal communication campaign on your intranet, with invitations to guest speakers at work, with interesting statistics and reminders in places where there are a lot of people, or with the mention of CSR updates in every team meeting. Create CSR reports Provide evidence to support your CSR initiatives. Show if the company has achievd the goals and if not, what should be improvd to achieve them.

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