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We consider what may change in the near future in one of the most conservative directions. Analytical company Deloitte releas a report in which the integration of new technologies in sports is consider from the point of view of popularization and mass adoption of Web. The authors of the document believe that technologies such as NFTs and the metauniverse can lead to a significant increase in fan engagement in the near future. Investor Eye Donta Zafar shar his opinion on this matter in a comment to Coin telegraph, saying that Web 3.0 projects using. DAO elements, as well as NFT tokens and cryptocurrencies can seriously simplify the licensing of sports products and intellectual property.

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He also not that in theory blockchain could also be us to record fan votes. “Web 3.0 allows you to build a working system of ownership of digital objects. For sports leagues and their fans, this could be a path to more direct and stronger relationships Poland Phone Number List bas on fans’ desire to receive exclusive content from their favorite teams. This will seriously change the rules of the game.” Eyal Donat Zafir, investor and head of crypto at Liberty Global Ventures Although Web 3.0 is still far from mass adoption, some sports leagues have already begun to explore the possibilities of introducing new technologies into their work.

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For example, Karate Combat, which specializes in martial arts, has announc that it plans to change its management model to a DAO in order to hand over management to its fans and athletes. Karate Combat will no longer have shareholders, according BRB Directory to league founder Rob Bryan. Instead, the sports league will be manag and controll by fans who own its tokens. Direct voting will decide which fighter will enter the ring next and who will be pair with him. Developing this idea, the co-founder of the international community of basketball fans.

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