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The TR- produc a very low and deep barrel sound, and the TB- could produce piercing acid bass lines – what more do you ne for dance music? Digital revolution At the end of the eighties came the era of personal computers. The first digital DAW workstations appear. The PC allow to control synthesizers using the MIDI protocol. The parts could be record in digital format – first on magnetic tape, then on CD, and then on hard drive. Of the home studio of many musicians, replacing bulky mixing consoles and studio tape recorders. And then the synthesizers themselves.

The computer has become the center

One of the first software synthesizers was the Re Birth RB- , a desktop emulator of the Roland. TB- and TR- , releas in . At the same time, the first VST plug-ins for DAWs began to appear – first reverb and echo effects, and then synthesizers. Neon Namibia Phone Number List was the first. This is a virtual analog synthesizer with two oscillators and up to -note polyphony, releas as a plug-in package for Cubase in . Today, synthesizers are divid into several categories. Plugins. They are the ones who create most of the electronic music now. It is more convenient to work with them, they do not take up space, do not heat up, and do not consume electricity.

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Not to mention the price

The web is full of free synth plugins made by enthusiasts for thanks. For exact emulation of a Moog Modular or Prophet- , there is a large collection of iconic vintage synths in Arturia’s VST format. Their functionality was very scrupulously copi. Finally, there are VST synths with their own unique sound. For example, NI Massive , which allows you BRB Directory to get the same croaking bass of dubstep in seconds. MIDI controllers allow VST plug-ins to be controll. They range from small keyboards that turn a PC into any of your hard drive synths, to pads with instrument controls and DAW tracking.

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