They are divide into three projects

The agency uses the Brand24 Personal Plus package. Which it uses to search for people intereste in the services it offers. And it does it really effectively. With the help of the Brand24 tool, in the first month of using it. I manage to achieve a one-time sale of PLN 2,500 with virtually no effort. Monika Lorynska, Pixel PR We manage to do this thanks to the appropriate selection. Of monitore keywords, of which there are a total of 27 in Pixel PR. – Poszukujemy, I’m looking for, I commission – which are focuse around all the services that this agency deals with. The I am looking for project includes. Among others, the following phrases.

I am looking for an advertising agency

I am looking for an advertising agency. looking for visual identification 2 . The project I am looking for includes: I am looking for a Latest Mailing Database webmaster Graph of discussion intensity in the “I’m looking for” project 3. On the other hand, in the I will order project , such phrases are searche for, for example: I will commission a website. I will commission a website design Diagram of the intensity of discussion in the project “I will order” After setting such detaile keywords. It is enough to regularly view the results in. The dashboard or in e-mail notifications and respond to more interesting ads.

Latest Mailing Database

The most valuable entries

In the case of Pixel PR, come from Facebook. And that’s where we manage to find a post with an order to create a website – which is exactly what BRB Lirectory Pixel PR does: Monika’s appropriate reaction allowe her to obtain an order for. A website worth PLN 2,500 net. Firstly, she replie to this entry, and secondly, she include key information in her answer – a link to a. Website where the client could see her portfolio.

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