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The Safe Place First of all, The Safe Place attracts attention with the atmosphere of the early s, gray high-rise buildings, poor people and an uncertain future. The focus is on Oleksandr, who, in order to fe his family, commits theft from his own work, but everything goes awry and in a few minutes the antagonist turns into someone worse than just a thief. Although the developers have fully describ the ending of the game, we recommend that you do not read it, but immiately proce to a practical introduction, as this classic quest is fully voic, including in Ukrainian.

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You can download the demo version of the game for free, or donate any amount and support the developers. Farlanders While Elon Musk is having fun with social networks and seems to have forgotten about Mars, we have the opportunity to show Honduras Phone Number List the billionaire how to properly colonize the r planet. Farlanders is an economic strategy for terraforming and populating Mars. The game is not inferior to other representatives of the genre taking into account the budget, in addition, the map is procurally generat every time. For add motivation, the author one person making the game has add a story mode.

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That is similar to a visual novel and present as a Codec, just like in the MGS series. Between missions you can chat with the leadership or other members of the colonization campaign. The game comes out on January , but a demo version and a free BRB Directory prologue are already available. Puzzles for Clef Puzzles for Clef is a puzzle, the central theme of which is music and everything is connect to it in one way or another. The one-hour demo introduces us to the main character of the game, Clef the rabbit, and several other characters, the artist heron and the “sleeping” metal dragon. The puzzles are not very difficult and mostly test your attentiveness and memory.

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