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During power outages, your consoles and PCs turn into useless pieces of plastic most of the time. Not everyone has portable consoles and powerful laptops, and you don’t particularly want to spend the charge. And previously, under such circumstances, you would have been limit to mobile games only. But in , there are enough ports of “big” games from consoles and PC on smartphones that are almost indistinguishable from their original sources. We have collect ten similar games for you to make blackouts a little more fun. The Talos Principle Studio Croteam is primarily known for its Serious Sam series of shooters, in which the emphasis is on destroying huge crowds of enemies.

Through the study of philosophy

But in , the developers surpris everyone by releasing the philosophical puzzle The Talos Principle. Which instantly became one of the best in its genre. In The Talos Principle, you ne to solve various puzzles in the role of a robot, which are ti to the Nigeria Phone Number List competent use of special devices such as lasers and fans. The complexity of the puzzles gradually increases, so by the middle of it, be ready to rack your brains. But it’s not even the gameplay that attracts The Talos Principle. And mythology of different cultures, the local plot covers a lot of complex topics, which can be ruc to attempts to study the essence of human life.

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No other video game speaks to philosophy as well as The Talos Principle. The smartphone version includes the full original game, but, unfortunately, without the extremely high-quality addition Road to Gehenna. But the port still works BRB Directory perfectly. IOS Torment was releas during the golden age of classic RPGs, but even against their elaborate worlds and vast scenarios, it still manag to stand out. After all, in what other game can you convince another character that he does not exist – and he will disappear from the world forever in reality? The entire local history consists of such amazing discoveries.

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