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Argentinian dubbing actor Alejandro Graue says that invitations to record for such companies start appearing in Buenos Aires a few months ago. “When I was offer the job, they said I would have to write 10,000 words and I would be paid 10,000 pesos (about $52 at the official exchange rate),” he recalls. Two industry sources, who ask not to be nam for fear of losing their jobs, confirm that Buenos Aires is one of the locations where data is collect by companies in Europe and Asia that develop artificial intelligence for dubbing. This is probably due to the favorable exchange rate, which makes it relatively cheap to train artificial intelligence in these countries.

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However, the companies themselves claim that the long-term savings they offer are much more important. It’s not that it’s cheaper to record in Argentina, but the human recordings themselves are a short-term expense. They promise that Spain Phone Number List after the recordings are us to create models in a “voice bank” or train computer-generat voices to mimic real ones, film and TV producers will only have to pay for copyright voices. Costs for translators, actors, sound mixing and recording studio will be a thing of the past. An anonymous source told Rest of World that the dubbing company made him sign a non-disclosure agreement.

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Even though it was just recording sounds for the datasets, not any specific content. He also add that, therefore, actors will not be able to publicly claim income from artificial voice companies. In addition to voice recordings, other data collection BRB Directory methods are us. The voice selection method trains artificial intelligence on original voices from the film. Thus, the program will be able to study the sound and tonal characteristics of the highest echelon of Hollywood actors in order to translate and adapt them in another language. Deepdub’s Krakowski says it only takes 2-3 minutes of an actor’s voice data.

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