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Communication with China Metadrama has roots in Singapore and China. According to ACRA regulatory filings examine by Rest of World, Metadramas, a private company. With offices in the city center, was incorporate in Singapore on September 9, 2022. One of Metadramas’ executives is Chinese national. Yang Yuxiang, who lives in Shanghai, the documents state. According to Chinese mia reports, he also serves as CEO of local news aggregator. Yixian Dixon (Rest of World could not independently confirm that this is the same person). Bonded is not Metadrama’s first attempt to master the virtual world. In May 2022, the company acquir the True metauniverse.

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At the same time, it receiv all rights to its intellectual property in order to. As the Metadream website says, “develop the creative concept and internationalize.” Truey previously develop the Zheli app, which (before the company was bought by Metadream) follow the same path as Bondee. According to information on the program’s WeChat Bahrain Phone Number List page, Zheli was manag by news aggregator Yidian Zixun. Metaverse has been popular in China, with close to 1.9 million downloads since its launch. However, Zheli has “run into controversy” with similar reports of privacy breaches, data leaks and system crashes, and the app was remov a few weeks later from Chinese abstors.

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Privacy policies should be consider whether the app is made in China or elsewhere, says Brian Tan, technology, mia and telecommunications partner at law firm Re Smith. He notes that Chinese companies that have fac huge fines are increasingly BRB Directory complying with international data protection standards. In an email comment, Metadream also said that “Bondee and True are two separate products and will continue to develop independently.” It’s not yet clear whether the rumors surrounding Bondee can lead people to abandon the app. “So many innovations, whether it’s apps or other technology, are own by the Chinese, like my favorite TikTok, but that doesn’t stop me from using it,” says 25-year-old financial professional Joel Tee.

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