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As a result of the analysis and calculation of certain requests, such a rating clearly demonstrates what the search trends were in Google Ukraine in . The search query of the year, which show the highest growth for in Google Ukraine, was “Map of air alarms”. The second most popular is “Noviny Ukrainy” and “yopomoga” is in third place. In addition, the top ten inclu requests such as “Map of Ukraine”, “Bayraktar” and the new season of the TV show “Bachelor”. Oleksiy Arestovych receive the largest increase in the interest of Ukrainians among searches in the “Person” category over the year.

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Users were also interest in the urban legend the Ghost of Kyiv, the Commander-in-Chief of the Arm Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny, the former Prime Minister of Great Britain Boris Johnson and the head of Mykolaiv Regional State Lithuania Phone Number List Administration Vitaly Kim. Regarding the people who left forever in , the most requests were about Volodymyr Zhirinovsky, Ruslana Pysanka, Yuriy Shatunov and Queen Elizabeth II. Despite everything, this year Ukrainians watch movies and series. Thus, in the “Movies” category in , Ukrainians were most interest in another movie from the Marvel universe “Spider-Man: No Way Home.

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Also in the top ten are the comy in the style of political satire “Don’t Look Up”, the detective “Death on the Nile” and the romantic film “Purple Hearts”. Among the television series, the leader was “House of the Dragon” – a prequel to the “Game of BRB Directory Thrones” series. In addition, this year Ukrainians were interest in the teenage drama “Euphoria”, the Turkish series “Hear Me”, new seasons of the series “Major”, “Sharp Cartouches” and “Strange Miracles”, as well as last year’s leader – “The Game in a squid. In the category “Ukrainian Geography in Search” this year, Gostomel, Bucha and Mariupol show the greatest growth, Ukrainians also search for Chornobayivka, Kherson and Zmiiny Island.

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