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Various universities (including George Washington University, Rutgers University and Appalachian State University) are phasing out the open-end homework that has become a common way to test knowlge during the pandemic. Teachers now prefer class assignments, handwritten reports, group work, and oral exams. Students are no longer ask, for example, to write five pages on a particular topic. Instead, some teachers come up with questions they hope will be too difficult for chatbots, and have students write pieces about their lives and current events. Freric Luis Aldama, chair of the humanities department at the University of Texas at Austin, plans to include new and more niche texts with which ChatGPT is less familiar.

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For example, the early sonnets of William Shakespeare instead of the well-known work “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. If the innovations do not help prevent plagiarism, Aldama and other professors will introduce stricter requirements for the Iceland Phone Number List content of papers and their evaluation. Thus, the essay will pay more attention to the imagination, creativity and innovation that the author discover during the analysis. Hopes are also plac on enlightenment. The State University of New York at Buffalo and Furman University plan to discuss artificial intelligence as part of requir courses in which freshmen are introduc to concepts such as academic honesty.

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In turn, Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Vermont want to update their academic integrity policies to include generative artificial intelligence in the definition of plagiarism. And other teachers and universities plan to use BRB Directory programs that identify texts written with the help of artificial intelligence. How students feel about artificial intelligence Some believe that it is a useful tool in ucation. So, with the help of ChatGPT, 27-year-old Lizzie Shackney, who studies law and design at the University of Pennsylvania, comes up with ideas for presentations and ways to solve programming problems. However, Shackney claims that sometimes the chatbot distorts information.

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