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Creation of textolite The process of creating a motherboard starts with the production of print circuit boards. The production processes of this stage are automatic, but their parameters are monitor and people help them in their work. The birth of the board begins with the creation of its base – textolite. Multi-layer textolite is us for modern motherboards. To obtain one layer of textolite, thin sheets of fiberglass are impregnat with epoxy resin and sent under a press. After that, a layer of copper is appli to the resulting workpiece, and on top of it a layer of light-sensitive material – photoresist.

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A special machine illuminates the surface of the workpiece according to the photo template load into it, and copper-etch traces are form in the illuminat areas. The remaining copper with unexpos photoresist is then sequentially wash away in several Chinese American Phone Number List baths of chemicals. After all these procures, the layer of our future board is ready. Its properties are similar to sticky paper. Such procures pass through all layers of the board. Then, several finish layers are superimpos on each other, alternating with prepregs – resin-impregnat layers of copper-free fiberglass, which are us to insulate and bond the working layers to each other.

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Then such a “sandwich” goes under a hot press, where the layers are glu together and as a result form a solid blank of textolite for the board. Textolite processing After leaving the press, the workpiece is sent to a drilling machine, which makes holes for BRB Directory through-connections between the layers of the board. At the end of the work, the board is sent to the “sink” in a special apparatus-bath, which cleans its surface. The next step is to treat the workpiece with special catalysts in another apparatus-bath so that the copper can settle in the drill holes. After that, copper layers are increas in the holes in other baths with the help of electrolyte solutions and galvanic metallization technology.

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