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It has only one drawback: the program interface looks as if it came to us in a time machine from the beginning of the zeroes. Nana Zip is a fork, that is, an exact copy of 7-Zip. However, its updat appearance is much more in line with the shiny and glossy Windows 11. The archiver integrates into Explorer, looks good and does its job. And it’s free. Win aero Theaker In general, OS customization applications should be treat with caution, as they can simply break the system. But Win aero Tweaked is a time-test tool that stands out from the crowd of such programs. The application will allow you to adjust the appearance of the system with one click so that it resembles the good old “Ten” a little more.

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It will return the icons on the taskbar to the left side of the screen, turn the context menu into a classic one, disable overly intrusive telemetry, saw out annoying widgets – in general, make Windows 11 less confusing for you with any unexpect Armenia Phone Number List innovations. If necessary, however, all changes can be easily revert. Most importantly, do not forget to create a system restore point before changing anything. Most importantly, ThisIsWin11 can stop the background installation and update of all ad-support embd programs like WhatsApp, TikTok, Solitaire and other such goodies.

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This will increase performance a bit. There are countless applications in the Google Play Store, but in general, users tend to download the same popular applications on their smartphones. However, in order to best take care of your BRB Directory smartphone’s battery, some of them should be us less often, because they can drain the battery. While some of these apps are quite useful, others can be detrimental to those who already have battery problems. So it is worth checking whether they are really ne. The list of applications with the highest energy consumption is as follows.

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