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Experiments have shown “limit success” with invertebrate and insect offspring, but mammals have yet to conceive babies in space that could survive on Earth. And this also shows that, in general, space is quite hostile to the human body. Mental health problems Scott Kelly, now a retir NASA astronaut, spent 340 days in space. He later admitt that during this time he had to overcome the physical, cognitive and emotional challenges of social isolation. If NASA succes in its plan to send humans to Mars in the 2030s, the mission participants will have to overcome even greater challenges. According to the agency’s plans, the mission will last more than 900 days – 210 to reach Mars.

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They will spend there, and another 210 will be ne to return. This is a considerable load for the human psyche. “They will ne to adapt to a very challenging environment where they will be isolat, face a heavy workload, be away from friends and family, not be Benin Phone Number List able to breathe fresh air or even eat fresh food,” says Jimmy Wu, a senior biomical engineer . Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH). This can lead to anxiety or depression. In addition, there are factors such as microgravity, radiation or carbon dioxide, which can also impair the neurobehavior and performance of astronauts.

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Is the body able to adapt to the challenges of space The fact that Scott Kelly spent almost a year in space made it possible to study the effects of long-term space travel on health. According to a study publish in the journal Circulation, during this time BRB Directory the mass of his heart decreas by about 27%. That sounds alarming, but it’s also a reflection of how adaptable the human heart is, explains study author Benjamin Levine, professor of internal micine at the University of Texas Southwestern Mical Center. On Earth, the heart has to pump blood hard enough to move it up, while gravity pulls it down.

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