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It will be up to users to decide which one they prefer. But since working from home became the norm, Zoom and Teams have been moving in the same direction. Research shows that Zoom maintains its lead, attracting millions of visitors to its site and garnering more searches than the competition. In any case, as many companies slowly but surely bring work back to the office, in a year or so, face-to-face video conferencing technology may be replac by real-life interactions. Apple and Google: green juice, yoga and constant monitoring At the beginning of the year, people carefully engage in fitness in order to achieve their goals for the year. And tech companies don’t want to be left behind.

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Yes, Google is looking at in-ear monitors that can be us as fitness trackers. Using an ear thermometer and other sensors, the device collects data on the user’s breathing, eating, chewing, drinking, coughing or sneezing, and sends health information to Iran Phone Number List their phone or smartwatch. In particular, they can track the number of calories burn during the day or detect if the user is suffocating and call emergency services. Even without reaching the user’s ear, Google still wants to listen. The company wants to patent a way to track breathing and respiratory rate data using “sonar motion measurement.

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No more wearing a smart watch or monitor: the technology can be embd in a device that is next to the user, such as a phone or a smart home, to monitor breathing and movements. That invention may come sooner rather than later: In October, Google acquir BRB Directory Sound Life Sciences, a Seattle-bas startup that creat a breathing monitoring app. Google’s in-ear monitor (left) and sonar tracking technology (right). Google is not the only company that has taken up a healthy lifestyle. Apple has fil a patent for heat-activat electrodes that more accurately measure physiological parameters, including blood pressure and heart rate.

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