So I’m going to use some

Woodworking Enthusiasts” thefrompageid= Pages Similar To This will give you pages similar to “Woodworking Enthusiasts” like you see above. Again, note down relevant and popular pages and then pick a new page and do this process a few times to build a list of relevant and popular pages in your niche. After going through this process a few times, here’s the list.

Of pages I’ve found Woodworking Enthusiasts

Woodworking for Mere Mortals The Family Handyman Woodcraft Daily Craftsman The Wood Whisperer Bob Vila WoodWorkers Guild of Ecuador B2B List America The Outdoor Option HouseLogic Step – Learn More To Create An Ultra Focused Audience Now it’s time to really dial in on an audience by using Facebook’s Audience Insights Tool, found here. step is to enter the pages you found in step two into the.

b2b email list

Interests section of the tool

Enter Intrests in Facebook Insights Search for the pages you found in Step and add them in the Interests section. After inputting the interests, I get an audience size of – . million people, which is still too large.  of AWB Directory the information the tool provides to narrow down the audience even further.

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