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It has optical fiber pairs and provides transmission of terabits per second Tbps. This is a very high value. For comparison: the Oman Australia Cable OAM, a distance of almost thousand km, transmits only Tbit/s. At the same time, the OAC highway is important because it connects Europe, the Middle East and Australia through the Indian Ocean. Dunant and New Cross Pacific NCP Cable System backbone projects are among the important ones. Dunant is a transatlantic cable creat by Subcom. It has pairs of optical fibers and provides transmission of Tbits. The NCP cable connects North America with the countries of Southeast Asia.

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Hazards for cables It is estimat that more than cable accidents occur each year in the Atlantic Ocean alone. In this case, special on-duty repair teams come to the rescue, looking for damage and heading to the accident site. Cables are retriev from Finland Phone Number List underwater, and damag areas are repair directly on ships. The cable can be affect by underwater earthquakes, typhoons, volcanic eruptions and other cataclysms. So, for example, in , the island state of Togo was left without communication due to a volcanic eruption. However, in the middle of the ocean, the cable is relatively safe, unlike the coastal zone.

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There, despite the precautions, it is often damag by passing ships, fishing vessels and even intruders. According to rough estimates, these factors account for about of injuries. The Tyco Resolute cable layer lays cable in the coastal zone However, cable BRB Directory damage in most cases does not lead to a complete shutdown of the Internet in a particular country. The signal is rerout through backup sites and even neighboring countries. Cost of projects In short, cabling is very expensive. Let’s outline the general picture and give some numbers. For example, $ million was spent on laying a cable between Venezuela and Cuba in.

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